DomainStats is based on Mark Baggett’s, found at
Thanks to Justin Henderson for all his work with the DomainStats docker image!


This docker image runs This is a python service that is designed to perform mass domain analysis. It can do things such as find the creation_date of a domain and identify if a domain is a member of the Alexa/Cisco Umbrella top 1 million sites.

It was developed to be used in conjunction with a SIEM and is in production environments. Specifically, it has been used in conjunction with the Elastic Stack, such as queried by Logstash, with large success.


Internet Access

DomainStats does whois lookups so it needs to connect outbound on port 43 to whois servers on the Internet. If this traffic is not allowed through your firewall, then whois lookups will hang causing DomainStats to hang. This results in the logstash pipeline backing up and Kibana showing no data. In the current release, Setup will automatically disable DomainStats if whois lookups fail.

Enabling DomainStats

DomainStats is disabled by default when running Production Mode with Best Practices.
You can enable it by doing the following:
sudo sed -i 's/DOMAIN_STATS_ENABLED="no"/DOMAIN_STATS_ENABLED="yes"/' /etc/nsm/securityonion.conf
sudo so-elastic-start
sudo so-logstash-restart

Updating Top-1m file


The docker image does not currently automatically update the top-1m.csv. The below example shows how to download a new top 1 million site list and have a domain_stats container use it. This could be scheduled as a cron job on your host to keep a current Alexa/Cisco Umbrella top-1m.csv in use.

(Slightly modified for Security Onion)

#crontab entry to grab new Top 1m CSV for DomainStats Docker image
1 07 * * *   root ( wget -q -O /tmp/ && unzip -o
/tmp/ -d /tmp && docker cp /tmp/top-1m.csv so-domainstats:/opt/domain_stats/top-1m.csv && docker restart
so-domainstats && rm -f /tmp/top-1m.csv* ) > /dev/null 2>&1
For information how to modify configuration for DomainStats, consult the following:

DomainStats logs can be found in /var/log/domain_stats/.


You can find DomainStats data by going to the Domain Stats dashboard in Kibana: