You can ingest Endgame data by following the steps below.


Please keep in mind that we currently use the *:endgame-* index pattern for Endgame data. This means the data will not be visible using the normal Security Onion dashboards/index pattern in Kibana. However, Endgame data will be viewable and aggregatable using Hunt and Elastic Security.


During Security Onion Setup

To configure Endgame ingestion during setup, ensure the ENDGAMEHOST variable is set to the IP address of the Endgame SMP that you want to send data from:

sudo ENDGAMEHOST= ./so-setup-network

This will open the Security Onion host-based firewall for access from the SMP to Security Onion on TCP port 3765.

Post-Installation Setup

To configure Endgame ingestion on an existing Security Onion installation, perform the following steps.

Add the SMP to the firewall exceptions for the Security Onion node:

sudo so-firewall includehost endgame $smpip

Add the following to the soc pillar entry the manager’s sls file in /opt/so/saltstack/local/pillar/minions to configure the pivot from SOC to Endgame (based on agent.id):

  endgamehost: $smpip

Configure Event Streaming in Endgame SMP

Once one of the two requirements above have been completed, the following must be configured in the Endgame web console:

Select Administration -> Streaming -> Event Streaming -> Add. Requires Admin user role

Ensure Logstash is selected under the Destination options.

Next, copy the contents of /etc/ssl/certs/intca.crt (on the Security Onion manager node) to the Certificate section.

Endgame will attempt to verify the X.509 certificate attributes match the destination server, so you will also need to ensure the SMP can resolve the hostname of the Security Onion node (to match the certificate). This may require a hosts file entry on the SMP.

Ensure the SMP is pointed to https://$securityonion:3765 and save the configuration.

Navigate to Administration -> Policy -> YOUR POLICY -> Settings -> Elastic Streaming and enable Event Streaming if not already enabled.

Once events are batched and published from the Endgame SMP, you can search for them in Dashboards or Hunt using a query like event.module:endgame.

Example Endgame Data


Pivot to Endgame Console

If Endgame support is enabled, a default Endgame pivot will be populated within SOC, based on the agent.id field:

https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/16829864/142237432-4657a104-1a98-47fd-98e2-0c800c025740.png https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/16829864/142236568-5a19f356-b197-4bb4-99ee-8a74313bed11.png