Security Onion Console (SOC) gives you access to our new PCAP interface. This interface allows you to access your full packet capture that was recorded by Stenographer.

You can pivot to PCAP from Alerts, Hunt, and Kibana. Alternatively, you can go directly to the PCAP interface and then put in your search criteria to search for a particular stream.


Security Onion will then locate the stream and render a high level overview of the packets.


If there are many packets in the stream, you can use the LOAD MORE button, Rows per page setting, and arrows to navigate through the list of packets.

You can drill into individual rows to see the actual payload data. There are buttons at the top of the table that control what data is displayed in the individual rows. By disabling Show all packet data and HEX, we can get an ASCII transcript.


Finally, you can also download the pcap by clicking the button on the right side of the table header.