Removing a Sensor


This page has not been updated for Security Onion 2 yet! We’ll get it updated soon.

There may come a time when you need to disable a sensor interface, delete a sensor’s configuration, or get rid of an entire sensor and its data altogether. The steps below outline what is required to accomplish each objective.

Disable sensor interface

To disable a sensor interface:

  • stop all sensor processes:
sudo so-sensor-stop
  • edit /etc/nsm/sensortab and comment out the sensor interface line
  • edit /opt/bro/etc/node.cfg and comment out the sensor interface stanza
  • start all sensor processes:
sudo so-sensor-start

Delete sensor configuration

  • To delete the configuration for a sensor, run /usr/sbin/nsm_sensor_del on the sensor box for which you wish to delete the configuration.

Wipe sensor configuration and data

  • To completely wipe sensor configuration and data, run sudo sosetup on the sensor box for which you wish to wipe the data and configuration.

Remove sensor reference from manager node

  • Remove the sensor from /opt/onionsalt/salt/top.sls and then delete the key from salt:
sudo salt-key -d sensor_key_name

Remove search node reference from manager node Elasticsearch _cluster/settings

From Kibana, navigate to Dev Tools and paste the following text into the window (modifying nodename to match the name of your node):

PUT _cluster/settings
  "persistent": {
    "search": {
      "remote": {
        "nodename": {
          "skip_unavailable": null,

Click the play button to send the request to Elasticsearch.