Help Wanted

Folks frequently ask how they can give back to the Security Onion community. Here are a few of our community teams that you can help with.

Marketing Team

We need more folks to help spread the word about Security Onion by blogging, tweeting, and other social media.

Support Team

If you’d like help out other Security Onion users, please join the forum and start answering questions!

Documentation Team

If you find that some information in our Documentation is incorrect or lacking, please feel free to submit Pull Requests via GitHub!

Core Development

Most of our code is on GitHub. Please feel free to submit pull requests!


The following folks have made significant contributions to Security Onion over the years. Thanks!

  • Lawrence Abrams

  • Jack Blanchard

  • Kevin Branch

  • Josh Brower

  • Pete Di Giorgio

  • Dennis Distler

  • Jason Ertel

  • Seth Hall

  • Paul Halliday

  • Joe Hargis

  • Mark Hillick

  • Wes Lambert

  • Dustin Lee

  • Josh More

  • Corey Ogburn

  • Eric Ooi

  • Josh Patterson

  • Phil Plantamura

  • Liam Randall

  • Mike Reeves

  • Scott Runnels

  • Jon Schipp

  • Brad Shoop

  • Bryant Treacle

  • William Wernert