Booting Issues

If you have trouble booting the ISO image, here are some troubleshooting steps:

  • Verify the ISO image using hashes or GPG key.

  • Verify that your machine is x86-64 architecture (standard Intel or AMD 64-bit).

  • If you’re trying to run a 64-bit virtual machine, verify that your 64-bit processor supports virtualization and that virtualization is enabled in the BIOS.

  • If you’re trying to create a bootable USB from an ISO image, try using Balena Etcher which can be downloaded at

  • Certain display adapters may require the nomodeset option passed to the kernel (see

  • If you’re still having problems with our 64-bit ISO image, try downloading the standard x86-64 ISO image for Oracle Linux 9. If it doesn’t run, then you should double-check your 64-bit compatibility.


If all else fails but standard x86-64 Oracle Linux 9 installs normally, then you can install our components on top of it as described in the Network Installation section. However, please keep in mind that network installations are not supported.