This is an enterprise-level feature of Security Onion. Contact Security Onion Solutions, LLC via our website at for more information about purchasing a Security Onion Pro license to enable this feature.

The Detections module, specifically Sigma rules, can be enabled to send outbound notifications upon an alert being created. By default, no outbound notifications are enabled in a Security Onion installation. However, with the Pro license applied to a grid, notifications can be quickly configured via the Configuration screen.


Configuring notifications involves adjusting configuration in two areas:

  1. ElastAlert 2 Alerters

  2. SOC Detections

ElastAlert 2 Alerters

ElastAlert 2 includes a large number of alerters that can reach out to remote systems to deliver notifications. As each alerter supports a unique protocol the alerter requires its own set of supporting parameters in order for the alerter to know how to reach out to the remote endpoint. For example, to send a notification to a Slack channel, a webhook URL must be provided.

Navigate to the Administration -> Configuration screen. Next, locate the elastalert settings.


Notice there are special settings for Jira and SMTP notifications. These are unique in that ElastAlert 2 requires those two alerters to read their credentials from a file. Security Onion has simplified this process by presenting these Configuration fields to enter the optional credential data, and the backend process will take care of generating the required files for ElastAlert 2.

The files subtree includes a list of several file settings, which allows for populating the contents of certain files that the alerters can optionally utilize. Most alerters use the files for specifying a custom Certificate Authority, so that ElastAlert 2 can securely and confidently connect to remote servers that may be using custom SSL/TLS certificates. Again, Security Onion’s backend process will handle generating these files from the supplied configuration data provided in the user interface.

Next, the Alerter Parameters setting is used to customize each alerter’s own parameters. As ElastAlert 2 already provides detailed documentation on the required parameters for each alerter, this documentation will not cover the same information, but instead will focus on two popular alerters: Slack and SMTP.


To have Sigma rules send notifications to Slack, add the following line to the Alerter Parameters configuration setting:

slack_webhook_url: ""

Email (SMTP)

To have Sigma rules send notifications via email, add the following lines to the Alerter Parameters configuration setting:

smtp_host: "your_company_smtp_server"
from_addr: ""

If the SMTP server requires authentication make sure the special SMTP Username and SMTP Password configuration settings are also specified.

SOC Detections

Once the alerter parameters are configured, as described above, the next step is to configure Detections in order to activate one or more notification alerters.

Navigate to the Administration -> Configuration screen. Next, locate the soc -> config -> server -> modules -> elastalertengine settings.

In the Additional Alerters configuration setting, add the name of each alerter that should be activated, one alerter name per line. For example, to add both slack and email:


Important! After activating (or removing) an alerter from this setting, the ElastAlert 2 engine must be fully updated. This can be done via the Detections screen, under the Options dropdown.