Zeek Fields

Zeek logs are sent to Elasticsearch where they are parsed using ingest parsing. Most Zeek logs have a few standard fields and they are parsed as follows:

ts => @timestamp
uid => log.id.uid
id.orig_h => source.ip
id.orig_p => source.port
id.resp_h => destination.ip
id.resp_p => destination.port

The remaining fields in each log are specific to the log type. To see how the fields are mapped for a specific Zeek log, take a look at its ingest parser.

You can find ingest parsers in your local filesystem at /opt/so/conf/elasticsearch/ingest/ or you can find them online at:


For example, suppose you want to know how the Zeek conn.log is parsed. You could take a look at /opt/so/conf/elasticsearch/ingest/zeek.conn or view it online at:


You’ll see that zeek.conn then calls the zeek.common pipeline (/opt/so/conf/elasticsearch/ingest/zeek.common):


which in turn calls the common pipeline (/opt/so/conf/elasticsearch/ingest/common):