Security Onion Console (SOC) includes a Grid interface which allows you to quickly check the status of all nodes in your grid.


Starting at the top of the page, there is a Grid EPS value in the upper right corner that shows the sum of all Consumption EPS measurements in the entire grid. Below that you will find a list of all nodes in your grid.


Please note that new nodes start off showing a red Fault and may take a few minutes to fully initialize before they show a green OK.

You can drill into individual nodes to see detailed information including Node Status, Container Status, and Appliance Images.

Node Status

This section includes an overview of node status.

Online Since

The Online Since field shows how long the node has been online.

Consumption EPS

The Consumption EPS field is the number of Events Per Second consumed.

Process Status

If the Process Status field shows Fault, you can check the Container Status section to determine which process has failed.

Connection Status

The Connection Status field shows whether or not the node is currently connected to the grid.

RAID Status

If you are using an official Security Onion Solutions appliance with RAID support, then you will see the corresponding status appear in this field.


The Description field shows the optional Description you may have entered during Setup.

Icons in Lower Left Corner

There are a few icons in the lower left of the Node Status section depending on what kind of node you are looking at:

  • Clicking the first icon takes you to the InfluxDB dashboard for that particular node to view health metrics.

  • If the node is a network sensor, then there will be an additional icon for sending test traffic to the sensor.

  • Depending on the node type, there may be an additional icon for uploading your own PCAP or EVTX file. Clicking this icon results in an upload form. Once you’ve selected a file and initiated the upload, a status message appears. Uploaded PCAP files are automatically imported via so-import-pcap and EVTX files are automatically imported via so-import-evtx. Once the import is complete, a message will appear containing a hyperlink to view the logs from the import. Please note that this is designed for smaller files. If you need to import files larger than 25MB, then you will need to manually import via so-import-pcap or so-import-evtx.


Container Status

If any containers show anything other than running, then you might want to double-check the configuration for that container and check the corresponding logs in /opt/so/log/.

Appliance Images

If you have purchased our official Security Onion Solutions appliances, then the grid page will show pictures of the front and rear of the appliances, useful for walking through connectivity discussions with personnel in the data center. If you are not using official Security Onion Solutions appliances, then it will simply display a message to that effect.

Other Grid Pages


You can manage Grid members and Grid configuration in the Administration section.