Adding a new disk

If you ever need to add a new disk to expand your /nsm partition, there are at least 3 different ways to do this.


Before doing this in production, make sure you practice this on a non-production system!

Method 1: LVM (Logical Volume Management)

If you installed using LVM, then you should be able to use LVM to add new disk space to your LVM partitions.

Method 2: Mount a separate drive to /nsm

If you aren’t using LVM, you can mount a drive directly to /nsm. If doing this after installation, you will need to stop services, move the data, and then restart services as shown below.

Stop services:

sudo systemctl disable salt-minion
sudo reboot

That should prevent most things from starting. If performing this on a manager you will need to do sudo service docker stop after the reboot.

Move the data:

sudo mv /nsm /nsm.old
sudo mkdir /nsm
# add your new file system to mount to /nsm in /etc/fstab
sudo mount -a
# make sure it's mounted correctly before continuing!
sudo mv /nsm.old/* /nsm/
sudo rm -rf /nsm.old

Restart services:

sudo systemctl enable salt-minion
sudo reboot