You can use so-elasticsearch-query to submit a cURL request to the local Security Onion Elasticsearch host from the command line.


so-elasticsearch-query <PATH> [ARGS,...]


  • PATH represents the elastic function being requested.

  • ARGS is used to specify additional, optional curl parameters.


Here’s a basic example:

sudo so-elasticsearch-query /

Here’s a more complicated example that includes piping the output to jq:

sudo so-elasticsearch-query '*:so-*/_search' -d '{"query": {"match_all": {}},"size": 1}' | jq

If you want to delete an old index, you can do that using the -XDELETE option. For example, to delete the Zeek index for 2022/05/07:

sudo so-elasticsearch-query so-zeek-2022.05.07 -XDELETE