To check the status of Security Onion services, you can either run sudo so-status or simply view the Status panel on the Grid page.

so-status reads the list of enabled services from /opt/so/conf/so-status/so-status.conf and checks the status of each. If you ever disable a service, you may need to remove it from that file.

Quiet Mode

so-status supports a quiet mode:

so-status -h
Usage: /usr/sbin/so-status [OPTIONS]
   -h                  - Prints this usage information
   -q                  - Suppress output; useful for automation of exit code value
   -j                  - Output in JSON format
   -i                  - Consider the installation outcome regardless of whether the system appears healthy

  Exit codes:
    0                  - Success, system appears to be running correctly
    1                  - Error, one or more subsystems are not running
    2                  - System is starting
    99                 - Installation in progress
    100                - System installation encountered errors

sudo so-status -q
echo $?